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James Taylor - Carolina In My Mind

Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist

The song was first written in 1968 when James was in London. If you plan on visiting North Carolina, this is one song to know as it is NC unofficial state anthem. Between writing & recording this song, he visited the Mediterranean island of Formentera where he met a girl named Karin. While the song was mostly about missing his home in North Carolina; it was the lyrics about Karin that caught the imagination of listeners. 

In 2009 Taylor eventually revealed that Karin was Swedish, had shoulder length blond hair and in her 20s when they met. While in Formentera. they missed the last boat back to mainland and without money, hangout in the street until the next morning. Thirty-five years later, he did tried to locate her through the help of a police friend; unfortunately without much success.

Perhaps some memories are best left where they were.

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