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The articles in this blog are the writer’s opinion based on personal perspective and experiences. 

The articles are for general information only and must not be misconstrue as financial advises.

They do not represent any form of statements made by any organisations. 

The writer do not work in the financial industry and is not a licensed financial adviser.


Any form of investment carry risk. Readers are encourage to conduct their own due diligence.

You should seek advice from an independent financial adviser before making a financial commitment to transact in any investment products or services mentioned in this blog. 


The author shall not be liable for any form of damages that may arise from the use of information in this blog. This include products and services that may be directly or indirectly featured or implied in this blog. 


No Guarantees

Places travelled and links to other contents have brought the writer joy. You are encouraged to use them as educational or informational resources, but you agree that there is no guarantee of your preferred results. 



By viewing or using this site, whether or not you have read it; you acknowledge and agree to these Terms of Use. The blog owner reserve the right to change these Terms without notice. 


Intellectual Property

Contents shared and displayed under TRAVEL and INVEST are copyright and is protected by copyright laws. You may view content for non-commercial use. You do not acquire any rights by obtaining the writer’s content. You agree not to display, publish, alter or use the writer’s content, in part or in whole, for commercial use. Contents referred is not limited to text, images and graphics. 

User Content

The blog owner is not responsible for content shared or generated on the site. This include links, images, videos or comments. The writer reserve the right to remove any user content without notice, if it is deem inappropriate, objectionable by law or otherwise. 


Warranties and External Links

The information is provided as is and without warranty or guarantee whether in kind, express or implied including its accuracy, reliability, validity, completeness or fitness for a purpose. This include links to external website and or mobile application. These external links are not investigated, monitored or checked for fitness of purpose, validity, reliability, accuracy and adequacy. 

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