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Intel Corporation


Only the Paranoid Survive

Founded in 1968 as a static memory business, Intel is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Founders are Gordon Moore (Moore's Law), Robert Noyce and Arthur Rock. Andrew Grove from Fairchild Semiconductor joined the company on the day of its incorporation. He became Intel 3rd CEO in 1979 and famously coined the phrase 'Only the Paranoid Survive' in his book; where he transformed the company from a memory focused business to microprocessing. 

Businesses are classified into: 

  • Client computing comprising desktop, notebook and other.

  • Data Center and AI

  • Network and Edge

  • Mobileye

  • Intel Foundry Services

Geographical markets are clarified into:

  • China

  • Singapore

  • United States

  • Taiwan

  • Others

Business Dynamic


Since the transition to microprocessor in the 1970s, the company revenue had been growing steadily, peaking at USD 79B in 2021. Apart from the growth of data centers around the world, Covid-19 work-from-home phenomenon were catalyst for revenue increases. 

Post Covid-19 reopening and Apple introduction of M1 chip in late 2020 to gradually replace all Intel chip led to a sharp fall in revenue from 2022. Mega competition from AMD and Nvidia further led to a sorry financial performance in 2023. 

Geopolitically, we are witnessing China promoting domestic technology adoption and a shift of production from Asia to the West.

Inflection Point


Intel is again finding herself at an inflection point. Strategic decisions and path chosen will fundamentally determine the company future. Can the firm retain leadership in microprocessing and expand to become a major foundry service provider for the Western hemisphere? What is Intel answer to the rise of artificial intelligence?

Whether the present leadership and executives have what it takes to implement the transformation remain to be seen. 

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