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Medtecs International

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Eliminations: not assigned to geographical regions.



Medtecs started business in 1989 in the Philippines manufacturing and distributing medical consumables in the healthcare industry. 

Served markets includes: United States, Europe, Asia Pacific and recently Canada. 

Products and Services rendered by the company are:

  • Manufacturing: hospital apparels, surgical masks, gowns, diapers, boots etc. 

  • Hospital Services: Laundry & leasing services. 

  • Distribution & Others: Wheel chairs, syringes, BP monitors, nebulisers etc. 

Manufacturing facilities are located in China, Philippines, Cambodia and Taiwan. 


In 2007, the firm began a long 'exit' from the U.S. market to improve its profitability. As a result, revenue declined and only began to improve in 2015 with Europe contributing to a majority of the growth. Asia Pacific began to show sign of improvement in 2018. Recent Coronavirus epidemic could sustained demand for healthcare apparels in 2019/2020. 


Debt started increasing again in 2017 mostly to boost cash & equivalent and Other non-current asset. 


In 2018, Chairman Clement Yang relinquished the CEO position to his son William Yang. 


The financial of the company started to show marginal improvement from 2016.

With net margin of less than 2%, it is generally a mediocre business with admirable attempt to improve her performance.

Having said, Medtecs was a favourite speculative stock in times of extreme seasonal haze and now novel-coronavirus. 

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